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Property Maintenance

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PURE Property Management will take all resident maintenance requests on a 24/7 basis and handle all maintenance work. This is done through our online maintenance system or in case of emergencies through our 24/7 maintenance answering service. Residents are able to get in touch with the on-call property management staff with their maintenance requests at any time of the day, 365 days a year.

Maintenance is a necessary service that we must provide to deliver on the rest of our property management business services. We have access to a robust list of subcontractors in all trades such as painters, electricians, plumbers, carpet installers, HVAC specialists, and appliance technicians.

Our vendors are on call at any time, will accept any job we ask of them (no job too small), are staffed for any maintenance/repair task, and have the processes in place to handle requests quickly and efficiently. When dispatching a maintenance vendor is required, the vendor will provide value at a fair price and top level of service. We also obtain prior approval from the investor for any expenditure over an established maintenance limit.

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Being a landlord and managing property can be stressful. The most common questions we get from investors of rental properties about property management are “How do I get started leasing my property, what are the steps, and how does it work?” We help each one of our clients by making our San Diego County property management services as easy and well-understood as possible for them.

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We meet your specific requests through our two property management programs: long-term rental property management and vacation rental property management. Please call us to learn more about the great rates we offer San Diego investors.

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